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Bravecto PLUS Flea,Tick & Worm Spot-On for Cats Large (6.25-12.5kg)

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Topical treatment which is absorbed systemically

Kills fleas and ticks for 3 months

Treatment of intestinal roundworm and lungworm infections

Does NOT treat for tapeworms so we recommend a worm pill such as Milpro/Drontal once every 3 months.

Treatment of ear mites Use from 9 weeks of age and 1.2 kg body weight

Method of administration:

Step 1: Immediately before use, open the sachet and remove the pipette.

The pipette should be held by the base or by the upper rigid portion below the cap in an upright position (tip up) for opening it.

The twist-anduse cap should be rotated clockwise or counter clockwise one full turn.

The cap will stay on the pipette; it is not possible to remove it.

The pipette is open and ready for application when the breaking of the seal is felt.

Step 2: The cat should be standing or lying with its back horizontal for easy application.

Place the pipette tip on the base of the skull of the cat.

Step 3: Squeeze the pipette gently and apply the entire contents directly to the cat’s skin.

The product should be applied on cats up to 6.25 kg body weight in one spot at the base of the skull and in two spots at the base of the skull on cats greater than 6.25 kg bodyweight.

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IngredientsFluralaner + moxidectin
Product GiftNo
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