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Prozym Dental Toothpaste Kit - Cats & Dogs 65ML

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Daily brushing is an effective method to ensure healthy teeth and gums Regular use of the toothpaste kit helps to prevent or reduce dental plaque, tartar, fight against bad breath and maintain healthy teeth and gums Kit includes an easy to use paste dispenser and gentle fingerbrush Delicious poultry flavoured paste
RF2 – a key ingredient from plant origins Acts against biofilm that is created by bacteria in the mouth – biofilm is the first stage in formation of dental plaque on teeth Helps to restore bacterial balance in the mouth Induces a 70% reduction in the production of biofilm and a 40% reduction in the production of tartar Apply small amount of toothpaste onto the fingerbrush Gently brush your pets teeth using a circular motion on all tooth surfaces Daily brushing will help to maintain healthy teeth and gums Can be used with Prozym Dental Solution For Dogs and Cats,
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IngredientsWater,sorbitol, dicalcium phosphate, dehydrate silica, cellulose gum, propylene glycole, phenoxyethanol, sodium saccharin, methyparaben, aroma, RF2 (Rheum palmatum root powder), propylparaben
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