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Sebolytic Shampoo 200ml

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Washing with Sebolytic will help remove excess oils and repair damage to the skin. Regular use will make your pet’s coat shiny, healthy and smell fresh

Why use Sebolytic Shampoo?

Softens and removes skin crusts.

Adjusts skin cell renewal.

Maintains microbial balance.

Reduces itching.

Regulates sebum production.

SIS to prevent microbe adhesion and stimulate natural defences.

Can be used in cats.

More Information

What is Seborrhoea?

Seborrhoea is a condition that shows as a greasy and possibly smelly coat.

Some dogs have an inherited tendency to be greasy, or seborrhoea can be caused by allergies to things such as pollen or food.

Seborrhoea can be oily (olesosa) or dry (sicca). Pets with seborrhoea oleosa can develop waxy substance that coats their fur or clumps in their ears.

Seborrhea sicca causes flaky skin, like dandruff.

Pets can suffer from both types of seborrhoea at the same time.

The affected skin can be very itchy, causing the pet to scratch excessively, which can lead to hair loss, raw weepy wounds, and secondary infections.

Sebolytic® is the ideal product to treat greasy smelly skin and coat.

Use Sebolytic® two or three times each week.

Treating for up to 4 weeks may be necessary to control some skin disorders.

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