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Should you buy directly from your Veterinarian or should you buy online?

Actually, this will vary from situation to situation. It doesn't make a lot of sense to wait a few days on temporary low cost pet prescription meds that your pet needs immediately. However, saving money on frequently administered flea, tick and worm medications, long-term prescription products, costly joint supplements and/or expensive non-emergency health products does make sense. At these times, buying your pet's prescription meds online can be both cost saving and convenient.


Can you explain the discount prices on your website?

We have 2 prices on our website. One in grey with the line through it is either our normal retail price or the price you will pay at one of our leading competitors. The red price is our current discounted price that you will be paying when purchasing. Often we have specials where we automatically put the discount on to our price, so all our customers get this special, not just people with a special code. We do not offer promo codes - we aim to provide the best price every day!


Do I need to visit my Veterinarian about my Pet?

It's very important to buy the right products for your pet's very specific needs. Even non-prescription pet products can be dangerous and have adverse side effects under certain circumstances. Buying pet prescription medication online is a great way to save money and add a little convenience to your busy life. However, it is not meant to be a replacement for visiting your local veterinarian in person. Only a doctor that has seen your pet will truly know what's best for it. Pet prescription medications have to be prescribed by a Vet who has personally examined your pet.


My Veterinarian does not want to give me a written Prescription... why?

As online prescriptions are new to New Zealand, veterinarians may be reluctant to transfer your pet's prescription to an online vet. This can be for a variety of reasons. Some may just not have heard of an Online Vet, and some Veterinarians are concerned that their clients will not receive legitimate medical products from online providers, thus endangering the pet or cheating the buyer. This is actually a valid concern, because it's smart to be careful when buying anything online especially with medications, however we can assure you that all our medications are legitimate products. You can reassure your veterinarian that you will be purchasing from a reputable provider with quality products, good customer service and low, cost saving prices.


What should I expect when asking my Vet to write my Pet a Prescription?

In general, most veterinarians will not give you a hard time about transferring your pet's prescription to an online vet, so you can buy your prescription medication online, instead of through them directly. We've always believed that a truly caring veterinarian will understand how important it is for your pet's health care to be as affordable as possible. There will be some veterinarians that donĀ“t want to lose a product sale to someone else, however, even in this instance, they will usually realize that retaining your business over the long run is more important to them than the lost profit on the one, individual pet prescription sale. On occasion, when they can, some veterinarians will offer to match the online price to better service your needs and to retain your business.


How can I help make getting a prescription easier?

To make the process flow easily for both you and your vet, when your veterinarian prescribes a medication for your pet tell them about your desire to purchase online, let them know that the savings and convenience of purchasing online is very important to you. Also, let them know that you have found what you believe to be a reputable online source for your prescription pet meds purchases. To help your veterinarian, download this form and take it with you on your visit. If medications that My Vet offer are required and ask him to fill out the form for you.


How do I order Prescription Medications online?

To put it simply you visit your local veterinarian, get them to fill out our prescription form (or ask them to fill out their own), order through our site and email the prescription form to us [email protected] followed by posting the original to My Vet, 8/88 Gargan Road, Tauranga 3110. It is not until we receive both your online order plus your prescription that we will place the order. For a detailed explanation please read our guide to ordering online.


Can I return Prescription Medications?

Unfortunately we cannot accept return prescription medication in accordance with our governing guidelines set out by the A.C.V.M. Regardless of opened or unopened we are not able to accept these items for return or credit.


How long does it take to get my goods/prescription delivered?

Once the order is placed, My Vet will often fill and package the medicine on the day it is ordered, so it can be shipped to you just as soon as the prescription information is received from you. Any non-prescription items will be shipped within 24 hours of the order being placed.


How can I tell if something is a prescription medicine and requires a prescription form from my local vet?

Rx SymbolItems on the My Vet site marked with the RX symbol require a prescription before they will be sent. All other items are non-prescription and you can order them without a Veterinary visit.