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Fidos Ear Drops 20ml

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Fido's ear drops are designed as an over the counter product that is a safe, broad spectrum control of ear mites and minor bacterial or fungal infections in dogs. Contains glycerol to clean ears and soften wax. Can be used regularly for pets with recurrent problem ears. If symptoms persist, then Veterinarian advice should be obtained.

Clear colourless slightly viscous solution for aural use.

A safe and broad spectrum ear drop for control of ear mites and minor bacterial and fungal infections in dogs and cats. The soothing glycerol in the drops is useful for cleaning and softening ear wax often associated with ear mites.

Use regularly as a preventative for pets with problem ears.




Each mL contains Salicylic acid 20mg/mL, Chlorocresol 2mg/mL, Carbaryl 10mg/mL, Glycerol.

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