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Ovu Mate 1 litre | Prescription Required

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Used to regulate oestrus and assist in the maintenance of pregnancy in mares

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This item requires a prescription from your local veterinarian.
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My Vet must have a valid prescription from your local vet for our licensed veterinarian before we can dispense it. We cannot prescribe medication for your pet as our veterinarian has not personally examined your pet, however we can dispense the medication.
To place your order, simply add this item to your cart and send your completed and signed prescription to My Vet, Unit 11/ 16 Paerangi Place,Tauriko, Tauranga 3171 .
If your order is urgent you may fax your prescription to 07 9292864 or email it to [email protected] and then within 7 days post the original to My Vet, Unit 11/ 16 Paerangi Place,Tauriko, Tauranga 3171

Once received, your order will be despatched to you.We are unable to accept returns of RVM (Restricted Veterinary Medicines)/Prescription items


For regulation and control of the breeding cycle of mares and the maintenance of pregnancy in habitually aborting mares or mares at risk of early abortion.

• To induce ovulatory oestrus early in the breeding season in mares where some follicular activity exists.

• For the suppression of oestrus either during prolonged oestrus or in normally cycling mares.

• For the control of the ovarian cycle in breeding mares to allow the most efficient use of the stallion.

• For suppression of oestrus behaviour in fillies and mares engaged in competition.

• For the maintenance of pregnancy in habitually aborting mares or mares at risk of early embryonic death or abortion.



More Information

Altrenogest 2.2mg/mL in a vegetable oil solution


This product is not indicated for use in male horses.

This product is contraindicated for use in mares suffering from uterine infections.


• Unused feed must be destroyed and not given to any other animals.

• Ovu-Mate must be added to the feed immediately prior to consumption and not stored.

MEAT WITHHOLDING PERIOD DO NOT USE less than 28 days before slaughter for human consumption.


If used in performance animals, the regulations of the relevant authorities regarding medication should be observed.

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