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Equitak Excel Multidose 1L

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3 in 1 Combination Liquid wormer and boticide for horses, containing Abamectin, Praziquantel and Oxfendazole.

The multidose system allows more cost effective worming for larger herds.

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An effective broad spectrum combination wormer for treating and controlling all roundworms, including Abamectin-resistant strains of Parascaris equorum, Benzimidazole-resistant strongyles, lungworms, tapeworms and bots

Bulk pack with gun available for optimal dosing efficiency- low volume dose Apple flavoured

Safe to use in all classes and types of horses.

This includes breeding mares and stallions, pregnant mares (at all stages of their pregnancy) and lactating mares.

Safe for foals over 6 weeks of age

Cost-effective dosing - excellent broad spectrum drench for effective parasite control Benefits

Helps to reduce the risk of resistance

Dose is 1mL/20kg b.w. (0.2mg abamectin, 2.5mg praziquantel and 10mg oxfendazole per kg b.w).

Bodyweight   Dose 

100kg            5mL

200kg            10mL 

300kg            15mL

400kg           20ml 

500kg          25ml

More Information

Abamectin 4mg/mL, praziquantel 50mg/mL and oxfendazole 200mg/mL, in an off-white suspension for oral administration to horses.

This product also contains 1mg sodium metabisulphite as an antioxidant.

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