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Urinaid Canine Urinary Supplement Tablets for Dogs (Pack of 60)

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Urinaid is a highly palatable nutritional supplement to help improve urinary tract health in dogs through providing potent antioxidants combined with an effective calming ingredient to offer exceptional nutritional support.

Urinaid Canine Urinary Supplement Tablets for Dogs is a highly palatable nutritional canine urinary supplement.

Each tablet contains D-mannose 200mg, Cranberry 125mg, Pomegranate 75mg & Ashwagandha 40mg.

Urinaid can be given as a treat, mixed with food as directed, or as advised by your vet.

Each packet contains 60 x 1.5g tablets

Weight                       Recommendation

Under 10kg                   1 tablet per day

10-19kg                         1 + 1/2 tablets per day

20-29kg                          2 tablets per day

Over 30kg                      3 tablets per day

More Information


D-Mannose –an isomer of glucose, which can aid in the maintenance of a sterile urinary tract

Cranberry – contains proanthocyanidins (PACs) and has natural antioxidant, health promoting effects

Pomegranate – which has many health benefits including antioxidant activity

Ashwagandha – used in the traditional Ayurvedic medicine for its beneficial effect on many areas of the body, including the urinary tract

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