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Royal Canin Hematuria Detection 40g



  • Helps to detect hematuria which is present in most feline urinary disorders
  • Provides results within a few seconds and remains visible for up to 48 hours
  • Litter granules for detection of blood in cat's urine
  • Easy to use and stress free because it requires no change to the cat’s litter box behavior

How to Use It

1. Spread evenly on clean litter

2. Inspect litter box after cat urinates

3. Observe for color change

4. Consult your veterinarian


HEMATURIA DETECTION are litter granules for the early detection of blood in urine, a sign of most urinary disorders. It has been developed in collaboration with veterinarians and is clinically proven. HEMATURIA DETECTION are small white granules spread over the cat litter which turn blue when in contact with hemoglobin in the urine. Contact your veterinarian if color change is detected.

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