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Prozym dental solution 250ml

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Prozym Dental Solution is a palatable and refreshing solution that fights against dental plaque and bad breath in dogs and cats.
The products in the Prozym range contain a unique active ingredient called RF2. RF2 is from vegetal origin and has been selected for its activity against the biofilm. RF2 can induce a 70% reduction of the biofilm. RF2’s active ingredient can also induce a 40% reduction of tatar. Prozym Dental Solution doesn't affect thirst. How to Use: The easiest way to give your pet a daily dose of RF2 is to add once a day to drinking water. * Simply add daily to drinking water once daily * Fights bad breath and prevents dental disease * Suitable for cats and dogs Shake well before use Add to drinking water once per day - add 1 capful per 1 litre of drinking water Change drinking water everyday Disclaimers Do not use undiluted Do not use on pregnant or lactating animals
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Ingredientswater, glycerine, sorbitol, RF2 (Rheum palmatum root powder)
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