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SurePet Microchip Cat Flap

Special Price $205.00 $289.00

No more unwanted visitors with the SureFlap

Microchip Cat Door

SureFlap cat doors recognise the ID chip already implanted in your cat, allowing access to your pet and making unwanted visitors a thing of the past. Your home becomes a secure environment for your pet, leading to a happier, more relaxed animal.

  • Works with your cat's existing microchip
  • Compatible with 9, 10 and 15 digit microchips
  • No collar or tag to get lost or snagged
  • Battery powered
  • Elegant modern design

The SureFlap Microchip Cat Door identifies cats using their unique identification microchip, unlocking only for your pet and preventing strays and neighborhood cats from entering your home.

Overall size: 210mm x 210mm
Flap Size: 105mmx105mm
Required hole size: 166mm x 173mm

* Learns your cat's existing identification microchip
* Compatible with all common microchip types
* No need for a collar or tag which can become lost or snagged
* Simple one-button programming learns your cat's chip number in seconds
* Quick and easy to install into doors, windows and walls
* Fits into the hole left by most existing cat flaps
* Battery operated - typical battery life up to 12 months
* Stores up to 32 cats in memory

* Robust door and lock keep out unwanted feline visitors
* No need for a collar or tag which can become lost or snagged
* Tunnel design prevents intruder cats from pulling the door open
* Improved 4-way manual lock enables locking to any combination of in/out
* Magnetic latch prevents the door from flapping in the wind

* Powers up only when your cat puts its head in the tunnel
* Low battery indicator light




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More Information
IngredientsThe original Microchip Cat Door is now ten years old and it is still as popular as ever. Once installed, the Microchip Cat Door will work quietly in the background, giving your cat exclusive access and turning your home into a secure environment.
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